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Quotes About Frank Bogert

Quotes About Frank Bogert

“Frank Bogert was the most honest, capable, accomplished and foresighted man who ever served on PS City Council.  His early promotion of Palm Springs first put this city of the map; he led the charge to incorporate, making the city official.  He wrote the only book cataloguing the history of this town.  He twice served as its mayor.  He was a pleasure for all who were lucky to be in his orbit”. -Sharon Apfelbaum

“My family lived in section 14 with all the families. All races lived there. We were given a one year notice that we had to move. I never saw houses being burned while people were not home.  Frank used to come every year to our fiesta’s at Our Lady Of Guadalupe church. He would eat Mexican food every year and speak to everybody in Spanish. He was friendly and niece to everybody.” –Richard Godinez

“The so-called Human Rights Commission’s attempt to slander these men is disgusting.” – Palm Springs Historical Society in The Palm Springs Desert Sun/USA Today, 6/24/2018

“Frank Bogert was an advocate for improving the Desert Highland areas both physically and with socioeconomic improvements with African-American Reverend Rollins of First Baptist Church. The two traveled to Washington, D.C. to secure funding. They worked together frequently and became lifelong friends.” — Family or African-American leader or parishioner from First Baptist Church

“Our father and Frank Bogert had a close relationship of mutual respect and were lifelong friends.” — the family of the late Pete Siva, Tribal elder

“During his time as Mayor, Frank Bogert was instrumental in finding alternative housing for people living in Section 14. On multiple occasions, he held off evictions and relocations so that more time could be granted for people to find alternative housing, and for time to seek State and/or Federal assistance. As Mayor, he tried to balance the needs of everyone involved.” — Maxine

“More than any non-Indian, Frank was instrumental in securing Indian rights of property ownership, and he advocated and lobbied leaders in Washington, D.C. on the rights of the Agua Caliente Tribe. He was a tireless advocate for Palm Springs.” – Friend of Frank Bogert

“Frank was a friend to everyone regardless of status, race, gender or wealth. These people included the common man or woman, movie stars or politicians.”— Tribal leader

“Frank and his colleagues literally put Palm Springs on the map.” – Palm Springs Historical Society in The Palm Springs Desert Sun/USA Today Network, 10/25/2020

“Working with my husband Gene Autry, Frank facilitated the arrangements which brought the then-Anaheim Angles to Palm Springs for spring training. He was instrumental in helping put Palm Springs on the map as a destination.” – Miss Autry

“If he had been a racist, I would be the first to help to remove his statue. But…you should be ashamed of yourselves, and should research the history of Section 14. I loved this man and cannot understand the hatred that is being spewed about him… I stand with Frank Bogert.” — Michael Hill

“Frank was one of the most dedicated” – Palm Springs Historical Society in The Palm Springs Desert Sun/USA Today, 6/24/2018

“Frank Bogert help put city on [the] map” – Palm Springs Historical Society in The Palm Springs Desert Sun/USA Today, 6/24/2018

“Not surprisingly, the ‘Human Rights Commission’ ignored the human rights of the Agua Caliente Tribe in its so-called ‘Report.’ The Tribe’s decades-long struggle for self-sufficiency and the right to develop its land is a core element of history, but the HRC willfully whitewashed this crucial point. In the 1950s, Tribal Indians were rich in land but lived in poverty due to discriminatory FEDERAL laws which held them down.” – Indian/Tribal leader

“Our father would not believe in the removal nor relocation of this statue.” – Family of the late Pete Siva, Indian tribal elder

“Frank Bogart attended most of the Mexican Colony Club activities and was entertained with our music and enjoyed eating our food and culture.  If he had any racism in his body, he would not have been so visible at  our activities or other family functions. –  Barbara

“Frank had a wonderful sense of humor.” -Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“Frank was a great help for the first Baptist church, the first black church in Palm Springs.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“Frank called me his “Ahata” and I “Papa Cito” until he died…  I am as you can tell Asian, so this idea that Frank could be racist does not make any sense at all.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“I can tell you that the story are not true because I also  have a lot friends in Palm Springs that have supported Frank through the years on all is campaigns. The whole city voted for him to be the first mayor… We are almost horrified about the things we are hearing and those of us that where friends and or family members would like to clear this up this mess in Palm Springs.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“As my Papa Cito I can tell you that he did not do anything harmful to people… He helped the little person…he was the greeter for the Presidents, heads of states… he also greeted everybody.”- Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“He was a good person and a good Christian.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21 

“Recently I was at a Social Function and woman said that Papa Cito, Frank had quit the Rotary when the first female Rotarian was proposed… That is an absolute lye.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“This was absolutely ridiculous when you hear that Frank was against women.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“Frank was not a raciest, there (Opposition)  just looking to blame anyone… its pretty rough to drag this poor Family (Franks)  through three generations…  and have their names smeared like they have been.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“Frank hired the first back man to the city.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“He was a cowboy mayor and was casual when we spoke to people and not formal, so some people might misunderstand.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21 

“Frank did things for people and didn’t talk about it… he was modest.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21 

“One of his favorite things to do with me was to discuss ancient China, he loved to do that.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“I am a 56 year resident in Palm Springs and I hope that our City Council will have the wisdom to not listen to what is not true.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“He would take time to know everyone and remembered everything.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“Frank helped everybody and to hear any other stories saying otherwise is just sad.” – Carrie Allan, Interview 9/7/21

“My family lived in section 14 with all the families. All races lived there. We were given a one year notice that we had to move. I never saw houses being burned while people were not home. Frank used to come every year to our fiesta’s at Our Lady Of Guadalupe church. He would eat Mexican food every year and speak to everybody in Spanish. He was friendly and niece to everybody. Richard “butchie” Malanovich would always walk around the casino’ shaking hands. He was a good guy. He would come to our house in section 14 with the other guys and have conversations with the other guys.” – Richard Godinez

“Mayor Frank Bogert, long active in trying to solve the housing problems of the minority groups in Section 14 said he thought the Gould-Crossley project would be a good thing. ‘I think we ought to stretch a point and let them have the zoning they want,’ he said. ‘Due to the housing emergency at the present time, we have to lean over backwards.’ Nevertheless, Mayor Bogert emphasized, he wanted to be sure any dwellings built for rentals would be good housing. ‘I don’t want to see another slum area. If someone is going to build a place for these people, it should be good.”- Richard Godinez

“When a few Judges, Attorneys and business men got together and decided that the Indians were uneducated and not capable of handling their lands and income, which was a potential gold mine, they created the Guardian and Conservatorship Association. I am not sure but the Bureau of Indian Affairs must have known about this. There is no justification for this Association, most of the Indians had very little income and had to have food on the table and retain a Tribal Attorney. My late husband Edmund Peter Siva, a Tribal Member, told me his story. He said ‘The Attorneys and Business People with the help of the Superior Court were appointing Conservators like someone in an orchard picking Indians for themselves like they were picking fruit from the trees.’ He did not want whomever picked to take his estate, which was by the way very small. He had known Frank for a number of years and he asked him to do him a favor and take over as conservator to prevent this from happening to him. Frank said you don’t need a conservator, you are smart and have your father and are capable of managing your own affairs. Finally, after much conversation pro and con Frank said as a favor to you I will be your conservator. (He) really did not want to be associated with the group of Lawyers and business people in this Association, and he never was. The only Conservatorship Frank had was my husband. My husband and the Tribal Elders did not like it but the papers were drawn up, taken to the Court and the Indian’s lives were taken over more or less until 1965. Frank was one of the first to sign off as a conservator.” – Bernadine Siva, June 2020 – Wife of Pete Siva

“I am speaking today on behalf of the Richard Milanovich family, and the family only. I previously wrote a letter to the PS city council explaining our disapproval of the removal and relocation of Mayor Frank Bogert’s statue. My father had nothing but respect and admiration for Frank. Their years-long friendship, both professionally and personally, is a testament to that fact. My father did not believe Frank to be a racist man. He wouldn’t have spoken at his funeral if he believed him to be so. He would be absolutely appalled to know that his name is being used in this effort to remove the statute. We are absolutely appalled by it. It is disgusting that you would use his words, but even more so out of context, especially considering we feel you are certainly unaware of what his feelings were on the matter and what his feelings were on the man at the heart of this issue. This is our formal request that you remove any quotes as well as any mention of my father Richard Milanovich in the Human Rights Commission Report…We do not agree with any mention of him and it is our firm belief that he would feel the same. And again we believe that my father would not believe in the removal or relocation of this statue.” – Trista Milanovich, daughter of Richard Milanovich, at an HRC Special Meeting

“The family of Edmund Peter Siva (Deceased Cahuilla Elder) demand that you stop using his name in regards to his relationship with Frank Bogert. A relationship and life long friendship which you do Not know anything about.  Your attempts to slander these men and use the name of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians as a pawn in your game, is disgusting. Please remove our Father Edmund Peter Siva’s name from the HRC Report, and from PS city councils agenda.” – Daughters of Pete Siva submitted the following letter to the HRC and the City Council titled “Cease and Desist”

“Our appreciation goes to…Mayor Frank Bogert of Palm Springs who has consistently demonstrated that he had both the interests of the Indian people and the City of Palm Springs at heart, and who has time and time again expended commendable effort in helping find a solution for some of our problems.” – Eileen Miguel, Agua Caliente Tribal Chair in 1962

“The Tribal Council for the Agua Caliente Band of Mission Indians want you to know that they commend you for your recent Clean-Up campaign and they ask that you consider this letter as a note of their appreciation.” –  Edmund Peter Siva, Chairman of the Agua Caliente Council, April 25, 1966, in a letter to the City Council thanking them for their help cleaning up Section 14. Note that Edmund Peter Siva went by “Pete Siva”, who Bogert voluntarily released from conservatorship in 1963.

“(Milanovich) said Bogert’s contribution to regional Tribes is significant…Hotels eventually developed major properties on the Tribe’s land, Milanovich said. ‘You couldn’t get long-term commercial leasing from the (Bureau of Indian Affairs) before Bogert added his lobbying muscle. This was very important.’ “At Bogert’s funeral in 2009, Milanovich said the cowboy mayor had been an inspiration to him growing up.” -Richard Milanovich

“It was then Mayor Frank Bogert who gave him a job as a recreation supervisor. Jordan said he had suggested to Bogert at the time, 1961, that he might not be accepted by whites in that position. Bogert had been adamant about going ahead with the job offer, and it was the beginning of a brilliant career for Jordan.” – Charles Jordan

“He was my friend”…Bogert warned him that ’some rednecks’ had made threats against (Oden).  He let the men know he had Oden’s back.  ‘What he was saying was ‘I’m looking out for you….And he did.”  – Ron Oden in 2009 (Palm Springs’ first Black and Gay Mayor as well as the first ever Chairman of the city’s Human Rights Commission)
“For me, he was a white man, but he understood my culture” – Manuel Gonzales, Mexican National at Bogert’s funeral in 2009

“What Frank was doing was making everyone understand you don’t have to be putting on airs about your station in life or the color of your skin.  What matters is what’s in our hearts”  – Richard Milanovich, Agua Caliente Tribal Chairman in 2009

“Frank Bogert did a lot for Mexican people” – Pasqual Quiroz, the first Mexican American born in Palm Springs
“As a Gay man living in PS for 30 years, my husband and I knew this man very well.  His heart was full of fun, laughter and love for Palm Springs citizens.  Before, you misguided people take to the streets, know your facts.  This city is better because of Frank, and so am I.  Your posts were inaccurate and show you really do not know Palm Spring history…This man was my friend.  He was NOT Racist and NOT Homophobic.  All of you posting on social media, and also those who like these posts are so uneducated about this man.  I am all for the fair treatment of ALL America, and if Frank was a Racist, I would be the first to help to remove his statue.  But for some of who have posted, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and should research the history of section 14.  I loved this man and cannot understand the hatred that is being spewed about him….I stand with Frank Bogert.” — Michael Hill

“People in Mexico think the world of Frank, not because he has money, because he doesn’t.” -Friends of Frank Bogert

“You’d go out to lunch with him and he spends as much time talking with the Mexican help as he does talking with other people at the table” -Fred Hoover, President of the Continental Can Co., explained to the Desert Sun

“Mayor Bogert and Councilman Ted McKinney with spearheading work on obtaining housing for families evicted from Section 14. “They’ve worked very hard on it.” he said.

“It’s good to see things moving along.” -Kirk

 “As Palm Springs builds for the future, it is working for adequate housing for its citizens.” -The Desert Sun

“He (Frank) was a great man” – Tom Kieley III  Interview (3:35)

“He (Frank) was one of the best things that happen to this town” – Tom Kieley III Interview I(3:42)

“He promoted the place he lived (Palm Spring)… The place he loved”- Tom Kieley III Interview (14:35)

“Everyone is focused on the Section 14 housing.. What he did or didn’t do… Nobody is focused on the Section 8 housing and that was important.” – Tom Kieley III Interview (28:30)

“I could not stand by to see the character of a perfectly decent person maligned slanderously with completely false information by people who clearly have an agenda and that didn’t even know Frank” – Norm King Interview (2:20)

“And in terms of what they have sighted as documentation as to why Frank was recist and why his statue should be torn down… is completely… completely flagrant and fallacious.” – Norm King Interview (2:40)

“The first female president of the Rotary Club was good friend of Frank” – Norm King Interview (12:45)

“I like to tell people that Frank Bogert was probably the first advocate for Indian sonverty” – Doug Evans Interview (19:30)

“Frank had a reputation of being a solid trustworthy guy and that whatever he said you could rely on…” – David Christian Interview (5:40)

“(Since Franks Passing in 2009) His friends have been advocating for decades, so when you think about that, that many people want to speak on his behalf  that pretty amazing” – David Christian Interview (6:20)

“He was just a fun person to know” – Doti Hubbard Interview (9:50)

“When I lived in Section 14 (it wasn’t called that then…. It was the reservation) that is when my family and Frank became friends.” – Doti Hubbard Interview (10:08)
“He cared care about people as individuals”- Doti Hubbard Interview (25:00)

“I knew Charles Jordan very well… He had the same good memories I did of his childhood.He said even if I lived in a mansion I could not of had a better place to grow up… He also lived in Section 14 and of course he lived there longer than I did and had more experience there than I did but he has spoken very strongly about Frank Bogert to the high school graduation class, he has given inspirational talks, he has been quoted in the Los ANgeles Times and of course the Desert Sun giving credit to Frank Bogert for getting him started in his career. At a time when he has said himself was reluctant to taking the job or that Mr Bogert  would be criticised because he was black and there had not been a black person in the government… the local government till then. And Frank insisted and stood by him and what a wonderful success story that is”  – Doti Hubbard Interview (19:40)

“The allegations of the HRC report  are fallacious and slanderous. These allegations are methodically and totally  rebutted in the Rebuttal Statement issued by the Friends of Frank.”  -Norm King

“If the Council brands Frank a racist for his involvement in Section 14 the Council must also accuse the past Tribal Council and its leaders as being racist because the record clearly shows that the city became involved in Section 14 at the  urging of the Tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.”  -Norm King

“The creation of and distribution of the HRC report and it’s attached resolution circumvented normal city processes and fact-checking. The Report’s anonymous author has not been revealed. City staff did not review or fact-check the report. The most slanderous statements in the Report come directly from a college student paper written 20 years ago and most are stated without attribution. There was no attempt to solicit any contrary opinion or facts. The report was in fact not  a “report “. It was a conviction notice without a trial.” -Norm King

“There was virtually no discussion at the HRC meeting.  Though it was listed on the agenda  as an item coming from the Executive Committee and I was told by a city staff person that he/she believed that the Executive Committee had authored the report there is no record that any such meetings were noticed as required by the Brown Act. We are supposedly asked to believe the report somehow came out of the air and landed on the HRC agenda.” -Norm King

“I have known Frank Bogert off and on from the early 60’s and he did not have a racist bone in his body. He treated everyone he met with respect and had no agenda. He was a good listener as well. We should all try to emulate him.” -Chris Pankau

“Mayor Frank Bogart was a very generous man. I remember many times after school in high school, myself and several friends of his daughter Donna would hang out at his house listening to the current music, a lot of Beatles. He would occasionally come in and visit a gang of his daughters friends in his living room and be very funny. I also remember his generosity by taking several of us horseback riding. I remember my dad who was the manager at the Dollhouse nightclub, would comment about Mayor Bogart coming in to enjoy the music of the Guadalajara boys. Removing his statue would be a disgrace to a good man and family, and the history of Palm Springs.” – Brent Price
“Franks was a leader who worked hard to move the city forward. He was one of the first believers in Tribal sovereignty when few would stand up for Tribal rights and Tribal members.” -Doug Evans

“ He was a wonderful man and made Palm Springs what it is Today” -Barbara Finerman & Bale Williams

“He was a wonderful family man that loved the desert and made it a better place with no prejudice, for all.” -Jackie Walker Carney

“The true story of Section 14 as told by the Tribal Chair of the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs. This is a fascinating story and important history for the City of Palm Springs. Frank Bogert was a friend of the Tribal Council  and an advocate of Tribal members trying to wrest control of their own lands from the Federal  government so they could develop their downtown land and become financially independent. It was a most difficult and challenging time in Palm Springs’ history because this process also meant turmoil and relocation for low income people of all colors on downtown Cahuilla land. It was considered a giant step forward at the time for the local tribe but today is part of a historical revision aimed at toppling the Bogert statue.” – Doni Hubbard

“Frank will always be Mr. Palm Springs to me. He was a longtime friend of my husband Tony Owen. Very special man” – Mary Hendler

“It is impossible to teach and keep the true story of Palm Springs if a few people, who know nothing about the story of and about Frank Bogert and what he did to put Palm Springs on the map have their way and destroy those memories. I knew Frank and both of his spouses and children. We were and are close friends and share so many memories. Now we have a few “Johnnie Come Late” and defame his memory. Instead of using all that energy to destroy a good mans’ name, channel the energy into doing something about the homeless and what they are doing to this City.” – Bernadine Siva

“I don’t see how they even have the right to do this.They want to distort the history and legacy of Frank Bogert then they must not like Palm Springs ,since Frank is responsible fo a lot of the reasons People even know about Palm Springs.He was devoted to making Palm Springs a place people wanted to come and visit and live.These people are making people want to leave.Why don’t THEY just leave !” – George Burnham

“The statue in front of City Hall embodies what Palm Springs was and IS (well, should be). What if the cowboy was Gene Autry? These City “officials” have no idea or respect for the history or heritage of our city. For that matter our valley. Maybe move to city where they can ruin someone else’s culture!” – Fred Weigel

“I moved to Palm Springs in1986 after meeting my future husband Dick Finan. I was amazed by all of the friendships Dick had and the love of the community. All of these people held Frank in the highest regard and love of Beautiful Palm Springs. My memories of these extraordinary people in such a wonderful community are forever held fondly in my heart. What in the world has happened in politics today. Just can’t wrap my head around it all. Please Palm Springs, leave our beloved Frank where he is” – Jill Finan

“ I was 7 or 8 and I saw this tall whiteman… dressed in a charow outfit… a cowboy outfit and he would come on in… and enjoy the music and eat the food, he loved the culture… he would talk to the people among the people. That’s how I remember him… It brought me great joy to know this man who even spoke Spanish to our families was there….” – Barbara Eves and Vera Wall Interview (4:45)

 “Frank would ask to Pastor Rollens, while his church was being built on the north end – “Do you need any help or anything? Often he Frank would arrive to help” – Barbara Eves and Vera Wall Interview (11:43)

“He was very involved with the village with businesses and whomever he could help… boom there he was with a smile on his handsome face. – Barbara and Vera Interview Interview (12:35)

“There are people who have arrived in the village a few years ago… that have formed options that never knew him (Frank)… I have been sad… I have been angry…. I wanted to know how I could got to a council meeting and speak me mind…” – Barbara Eves and Vera Wall Interview (14:30)

“They are unfounded (the frank accusations) and he earned an honorable reputation in the village and the city of palm springs and it does hurt to see these new comers and we mean new comers because we have live here in Palm Springs our whole life.”  – Barbara Eves and Vera Wall Interview (11:45)

“We believe we know the labor needs of various sections of the country and have concluded that your area has a labor shortage since you have set an example of employment regardless of race and your citizens believe and equal opportunities for all we would like to send a number of our colored people to your area for employment please let us know the number of people needed the responsible people who will see to it that they are well employed and housing arrangements that can be made for them as some of them have very large families.” – Chairman, Committee for Economic Improvement of Colored People

“Sixty years of kudos and titles reach beyond civic borders. He spent the past year as a member of the President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors, traveling throughout America. He rides with the Rancheros Visitadores, a select club that includes President Reagan, Cabinet members, and captains of industry. He served a Governor’s appointment to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Authority, and was the Governor’s representative to the Commission of the Californias. A selected director of the California Tourist Commission, Bogert was also a member of the Riverside County Board of Equalization. On the exterior, he’s a diamond in the rough. But behind those burnished years is a polished thinker, a sharp-edged historian, a worldly man who sparkles with pride in the community he helped to create.” -Sharon Apfelbaum, Palm Springs City Council Member Palm Springs Life staff

“Frank Bogert has lived through all of it.   The man is a great public servant.  A man of integrity, honesty, and absolutely incorruptible.   How  he  got  the  job in the first place I’ll never know. He’s a great family man. He has a flock of grandchildren and they get along well because he speaks their language. He spent  the  past year  as a  member of the President’s Commission of Americans Outdoors. He belonged with the group because he’s helped keep Palm Springs great for the past 50 years.” – Bob Hope

“The Board of Library Trustees and the editors wish to thank Mayor Bogert and Mr. Corliss for their assistance, unflagging good cheer, and remarkable stories, many of which, sadly, are  unlikely to ever make it to any book.” – Margaret Roades (Palm Springs Librarian) & Sally McManus (Director, Palm Springs Historical Society)

“Frank Bogert, That crusty old desert rat, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, that quick, sharp wit and a heart as expansive as the desert floor, has given us all something very special.” – Huell Howser, PBS producer and host and grateful Coachella Valley resident.

“Fran’s been an important part of the life, the texture and the fabric of Palm SPrings and the Coachella Valley seemingly forever. He’s been here since the 1920s and has been right in the middle of everything the whole time.” – Huell Howser, PBS producer and host and grateful Coachella Valley resident.

“My friend Frank Bogert spent the majority of his life dedicated to working for the people of Palm Springs and building a viable future for the city he loved.  He was a member of the City Council and served four terms as Mayor of Palm Springs, including two terms as the first mayor elected directly. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is here because of Frank, the Angels baseball team held Spring Training here because of Frank. Tourism and a thriving downtown are also part of his legacy. He was proud to serve in the Navy during World War II, earning a bronze star for bravery in lwo Jima and Okinawa.  The City of Palm Springs is here because Frank Bogert was here.” – Gene Autry (Jackie)

“Leave Frank alone!” – Donald Williams

 “Frank along with a few others built this town and always considered the Native Americans in doing so. We would not have such a wonderful town to live in if it were not for Frank Bogert!!!!”- Marla Madrigal

“A fine man that I’m honored to have considered a friend.” – Richard Pell

“Good man…my parents admired him greatly…” – Tom VanNess

“A premier man. A dear friend to many- most considerate and a Great Patriot – a Legend in Palm Springs, and honored throughout the World. Frank is greatly missed.” – Bozman Artz

“Good Man” – Cheri Graham

“Save Frank.” – Mary Cass

“A man of generosity, kindness, and patriotism. Rest in peace mayor.” – Brent Price

“ He was a wonderful family man that loved the desert and made it a better place with no prejudice, for all.” – Jackie Walker Carney

“My old friend in PalmSprings,Frank ! Don’t remove his statue ! Regards from fare away austria  Fritz Hummel sen.” – Fritz Hummel

“Cities do not care about History, Historical Societies are the ones that preserve our History.  The important time needs to be spent on where and who will preserve the Frank Bogert Statue.  I don’t think Frank would want to be in front of City Hall with the way they have treated his Memory.” – Henry Fernandez

Palm Springs mayor Ron Oden presents  The Key to the CIty to former Palm SPrings Mayor Frank Bogert during the “This is your life, Frank Bogert” Tribute dinner at the Agua Caliente Casino on Thursday night. – Pat Maio reporter for The Desert Sun; May 4, 2005

“Bogert welcomed many distinguished visitors to the city. He welcomed multiple presidents including Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford when they flew into the Palm Springs Airport. International dignitaries like the President of Mexico, and Prince Phillip and Prince Charles from the British Empire.” – Renee BrownSpecial to The Desert Sun; May 25, 2017.

“He was very funny and had a great sense of humor.  He was known as a man of his word. He didn’t pull any punches on political correctness. He was well educated and one of a kind. People were always important to him.  He loved personalities. Of course, he was glad you related to him.” – Harpo An American Clown

“The City of Palm Springs paid homage to its iconic former cowboy mayor Frank Bogert, who passed away Sunday, with a five minute tribute video Wednesday evening that was broadcast during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.” – Amy Blaisdell, Director of Communications for the City of Palm Springs; March 26, 2009


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